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The Geneva-based brand belongs to the limited circle of Swiss watchmakers still in family hands. Now under the leadership of Elie Bernheim after 18 years of successful management by his father Olivier Bernheim, the company - founded in 1976 by Mr Raymond Weil (Elie Bernheim’s grandfather) - continues to develop and consolidate its status among the leading names of the Swiss watch industry. The 3 generations pooled their talents and their experience continuing an exceptional heritage, ensuring the family succession and guaranteeing stability and continuity. Creativity, watchmaking know-how, accessibility and above all, independence: through the years, the RAYMOND WEIL dynasty has been inventing and boldly reinventing itself, while still preserving the DNA of its original success.



A few years after the creation of RAYMOND WEIL and at the request of his father-in-law, Mr Raymond Weil, Olivier Bernheim joined the watch company in 1982.

It is thanks to his dynamism and visionary entrepreneurial spirit, but also to his ability to maintain excellent and longstanding relationships with partners of RAYMOND WEIL, that Olivier Bernheim, President and CEO of the Brand, restructured, developed and ensured a sustainable growth throughout the world, still managing to preserve its family identity.

His strategy contributed to RAYMOND WEIL's impact on the watchmaking world. Key factors in the firm's success include a significant Brand expansion throughout the world, a constant renewal of the product range - with the introduction of new, increasingly sophisticated mechanical timepieces -, the development of entry-level collections, and a wider-reaching communication strategy.

Beyond his tenacity to keep RAYMOND WEIL independent, Olivier Bernheim’s plans for the upcoming years are to increase the Brand’s recognition in mature markets such as Europe, Asia and North-America. He also wishes to reinforce the Brand's presence in key markets such as China, India and Russia, which represent huge potential, through shop in shops and exclusive boutiques.

On a personal level, his private life follows the same rhythm as his business life. Olivier shares his love for music with his whole family and always tries to find some time to dream by listening to operas. His definition of luxury? Spending some time with his family and enjoying his passion for nature.



Elie Bernheim joined the company in 2006 after graduating from the prestigious Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne. As third generation of the family-owned company, Elie and his brother Pierre - both grandsons of Mr. Raymond Weil - ensure the continuity of the Brand's heritage based on watchmaking know-how and the ongoing adherence to its values.

Proficient in watchmaking, marketing and business management, during recent years, Elie has been in charge of developing and enhancing the global strategy of RAYMOND WEIL. It was in the context of a continuing respect for this heritage firmly entrusted to him, which has constituted the cornerstone of the remarkable success of this watchmaking Brand over the years, that Elie Bernheim embarked on his career in the company.

His sense of traditional values, combined with a young and fresh vision, make him the perfect candidate to manage the Brand’s corporate image, communications and social networks, thus enabling RAYMOND WEIL to get closer to its clients in a new and interactive way. Thanks to his curiosity and enthusiasm, he has acquired an in-depth knowledge of the markets, resulting today in his excellent contacts with the Brand’s partners.

Elie Bernheim was appointed CEO of RAYMOND WEIL in April 2014, succeeding his father, Olivier Bernheim, who joined the family company in 1982, becoming its President and CEO in 1996.

As a well-informed music-lover, he perfected the piano, before specialising in the cello. Essentially acquired from his mother, a professional pianist, the passion for music is today a second inspiration, influencing every new product development or marketing orientation at RAYMOND WEIL.



Pierre Bernheim is the grandson of Mr Raymond Weil, Founder of the family watch company bearing the same name. Mr Pierre Bernheim is the second son of Olivier Bernheim, himself son-in-law of Mr.Weil and President & CEO of RAYMOND WEIL. 

After successfully concluding his accounting studies, Pierre graduated in International Business and Administration from La Haute Ecole de Gestion in Geneva.

Fascinated by the international distribution strategy, Pierre dedicates the best part of his time to expanding RAYMOND WEIL's presence across the globe and ensuring constant growth in every market. Among his many responsibilities, Pierre is CEO of the United Kingdom subsidiary. With his incredible dynamism, enthusiasm and reactivity, he succeeded in solidifying the relationships the Brand has with all its business partners.

From a young age already, Pierre has always had a real passion for flying, something he gets from his grandfather, Mr Raymond Weil. He now owns several professional flying licenses including high aerobatic and Canadian seaplane. Next to the practice of his hobby, he is also highly involved in the development of the Geneva International Airport and of the Geneva Regional Airport, as administrator.