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RAYMOND WEIL in Second Life

Launched on September 3rd, 2007, RAYMOND WEIL Genève acquired the unique distinction of becoming the first Swiss premium watch brand to feature in a modern and new communication medium such as Second Life.


As a brand of its times, RAYMOND WEIL explores, experiments, innovates and has a passion for new means of communication enabling the brand to get closer to its customers.


The presence of the brand in Second Life is in line with this strategy and allows conveying the brand’s values, to communicate on its main collections in a new, interactive and entertaining way.

RAYMOND WEIL creates its Second Life Island like a “laboratory of ideas”, a place encouraging communication, creativity and meetings. The potential for experimentation is fascinating and Second Life permits to create a new type of relationship with its customers.


At first, RAYMOND WEIL’s presence on Second Life focuses on the new “Nabucco” collection. The residents visit the so-called “Nabucco Island”. It is a place of sharing between the brand and the Second Life residents, where RAYMOND WEIL is there to listen and to gather comments and information. But the principal idea is for the visitors to have the opportunity to live the story of the brand’s new hero “Nabucco”. An experience in 4 acts, the “Nabucco tour” puts the residents in front of all the obstacles our hero has to overcome to free himself from his oppressor and reach his independence.


Second Life represents a new playground which allows the Brand to initiate an alternative marketing. The avatar is a consumer like another, even more real than in the real world since it expresses all its imagination. It therefore constitutes a strong potential of experimentation and enables the brand to test new concepts and products.

Through all the possibilities proposed in this environment, Second Life is considered today as a real tool for marketing tests. The variety of users as well as the freedom of speech within this community favours the creation of studies towards the consumers.

What is proposed on the RAYMOND WEIL Nabucco Island?
  Information Desk
-Information and map of the island
-Mail box
-Feedbacks questionnaire about the island and the Nabucco collection
-Link to
 The Nabucco Tour
-Four island interactive tour
 Nabucco collection corner
-Pictures and technical specification of the nabucco collection
-Wear a virtual nabucco watch on your avatar (coming soon)
 Nabucco movie theatre
-Nabucco film launch
 The RW Club
-The RW Club lounge is the place to meet
-Complete information about the club
-Link to
-Special musical environment





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