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New nabucco advertising campaign

INDEPENDENCE is a state of mind


From September 2007, RAYMOND WEIL, is presenting its new nabucco campaign, a veritable hymn to independence. A look at a completely innovative advertising concept.

A resolute hero - the nabucco man. A brand slogan - INDEPENDENCE is a state of mind. A powerful and sturdy watch, sculpted in steel - the new nabucco. An adventure in a world of legends - the latest RAYMOND WEIL advertising campaign.

This modern day epic, a free and contemporary interpretation of the work of the famous Italian composer, Giuseppe Verdi, is a veritable hymn to independence.

In four acts, the campaign reveals all the determination of the nabucco man in his choice of freedom and personal achievement.

Act I – Liberation,
Act II – Instinct,
Act III – Challenge,
Act IV – Achievement,

…represent the various tests that every enterprising and independent man has to pass, in order to become master of his own destiny. The RW monogram stamped in steel in Act IV is the high point of this quest and consecrates its success and personal achievement. The graphic power of the new monogram brings to mind the famous hallmarks of the great artisan masters, a veritable emblem and signature of their highly reputed and greatly prized know-how. Today it is the symbol of the hero of this modern day opera, the stamp of the nabucco man in the universe of luxury.

The campaign also unveils the watchmaker’s new Brand slogan, INDEPENDENCE is a state of mind, a core value of RAYMOND WEIL.

With this concept, a page turns and another opens on a Brand rejuvenated by a new visual identity, the dynamic impact of the third generation, conveyed by the latest nabucco masculine collection.

At the beginning of 2007, RAYMOND WEIL was already taking a completely fresh look at the world of luxury based on a striking, novel concept with its new female and male advertising campaigns piloted by Elie Bernheim, Marketing Director, and famous photographer Joël von Allmen.

Today, a new turning point has been passed in creative research. These new, evocative images—to be unveiled in September 2007—capture the distinctive modernity, the ingenuity and the boldness of RAYMOND WEIL.





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