calibre rw1212



لطالما حافظت RAYMOND WEIL على التقاليد العريقة لصناعة الساعات السويسرية، وهي تقوم الآن بإدخال تقنيات جديدة من خلال ابتكار حركة جديدة بالتعاون مع Sellita. هذه الحركة الحصرية قد تم تطويرها وتصميمها من قبل قسم R&D في شركة صناعة الساعات في جنيف، وهي من إنتاج شركة تصنيع قطع الحركة الواقعة في Le Crêt-du-Locle في جبال جورا. وتظهر ميزتها الخاصة في موقعها الكائن عند الساعة 6. وأطلق علها اسم Calibre RW1212 كتحية للرمز البريدي الخاص بمكتب الشركة الرئيسي في غراند-لانسي، وهي تقديرًا لـ40 عامًا من إبداعات RAYMOND WEIL وتصميم الشركة على إبراز خبرتها ومعرفتها الواسعة في عالم صناعة الساعات، مع إضافة لمسات مميزة وخاصة لها.


Brand & Values


RAYMOND WEIL has always strived to achieve watchmaking excellence and use its know-how and expertise to meet the prerequisites of the much sought-after Swiss made label. While this knowledge and the passion have been handed down from generation to generation within the family, so has the love of music! Music has always been an essential part of RAYMOND WEIL’s DNA. With over 35 years of involvement in the music industry across all genres, the Swiss watchmaker composes its timepieces the way musicians compose their chef d’oeuvres.


A homage to that which has always inspired the Swiss Watchmaker, the new film, Precision is my Inspiration, evokes the creation of two masterpieces, the one watchmaking and the other musical – in two universes intimately bound together. “Our watchmaking Company has been involved with music, ever since its foundation”, confides Elie Bernheim, RAYMOND WEIL Genève CEO. The Music that was yesterday’s source of inspiration, today becomes the vehicle of the values, the know-how and enthusiasm of the watchmaker music lover – to the extent that it becomes an integral part of the Company’s marketing.

Aestheticism is a constant preoccupation in the development of RAYMOND WEIL timepieces. The Brand takes great care of the design of its watches in order for them to combine ergonomics, refinement and modernity. This aesthetic pursuit results in distinctive and identity-marked models.


The RAYMOND WEIL Brand brings together all the elements of excellence of the Swiss luxury watchmaking industry. Precision, quality, reliability, nobility and technical nature of the materials are many standards that the Geneva-based Brand combines to create its models. This know-how confers RAYMOND WEIL its watchmaking legitimacy.

Precision and attention to detail set the tone throughout the creation process. Inspiration is what is found at the basis of each work of art; precision is the indispensable condition required for achieving excellence.


Switzerland’s centuries of carefully handed-down watchmaking skills and know-how are harnessed by RAYMOND WEIL and reflected in its choices and developments of materials, components and craftsmen in all the stages of production and assembly, to meet the prerequisites of the “Swiss made” label. The Company is situated in Geneva, home of Switzerland’s most prestigious watchmakers, together with the industry’s topmost expertise in component and materials supply.


A priority among the Brand’s guiding principles is its orientation towards the future. This principle is applied in the constant upgrading of technical know-how and equipment within the Company, enabling the computer-aided design and production of new products, using methods and materials which are truly visionary. The Company is constantly looking for new ways and approaches to secure its future evolution. It has chosen to build rather than rest on its laurels.

Beauty and aesthetic proportions are no coincidence. Thanks to its experience, know-how and to the mechanical precision of its watchmakers, RAYMOND WEIL is capable of transforming a design concept into a high quality watch to please its demanding clients. From conception through to the final stage of assembly, RAYMOND WEIL’s attention to quality is constant. The experienced watchmaker’s hands and eyes and his traditional tools, are highlighted by highly sophisticated technology. Each watch is minutely examined and undergoes 350 checks before receiving the RAYMOND WEIL quality label.


كان ريموند ويل رجلاً عظيمًا أدت رؤيته إلى إنشاء شركة اكتسبت على مدار ما يقرب من أربعة عقود تقريبًا شهرة عالمية – إذ لا تزال هذه الشركة حتى يومنا هذا واحدة من أخر الشركات المستقلة والقليلة التي تديرها العائلات في مجال تصنيع ساعات اليد وهي الإرث الذي تركه رجل استثنائي لعائلته. وفي الوقت الحاضر، يرأس إيلي بيرنهايم، وهو حفيد مؤسس الشركة، شركة عائلة ريموند ويل ويقدم مع مجموعة المايسترو إصدارًا محدودًا فريدًا حقًا من ساعات اليد، للإشادة بشكل مناسب بالإنجاز الذي كرس جده حياته من أجله.

To pay homage to Mr. Raymond Weil, we asked our partners and friends around the world to choose the one word that best describes our founder according to them.

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