RAYMOND WEIL launches a new advertising campaign

RAYMOND WEIL is pleased to announce the launch of the Brand’s new advertising campaign for 2011 – 2012. The new campaign will keep with the Brand’s dynamic and innovative spirit and will also revolve around what RAYMOND WEIL draws constant inspiration from: music. Music has always been at the center of the RAYMOND WEIL universe, with the musical connotations of its collection names, its partnerships with the greatest musical competitions and with a family of music-lovers and musicians at the head of the company.

The new layout is a complete deviation from former campaigns and incorporates lifestyle with product photography. Set on the stage of Geneva’s legendary concert hall, the “Victoria Hall”, the photo shoot for the campaign captures the essence of the Brand’s inspiration through individual male and female depictions of timelessness and classicism against a rich musical-inspired backdrop. The force that they radiate shows reverence to the master watchmaker who, like a musician, rehearses his scales and his chords to achieve perfect harmony. They are masters of their art, just like RAYMOND WEIL with its timepieces – classical, symbolic and timeless.

Celebrating the anniversary of their 35th year, a campaign that pays homage to the Brand’s motivation and constant driving force, music, was an ideal choice. “Precision is my inspiration” is the new slogan for the campaign, bridging the comparison of both music and luxury watch making: the inspiration of the designer, the inspiration of the composer and the precision of the watchmaker.

“Along with International efforts to support individual spirits and future talent for generations to come, this campaign allows my family to express their true love, appreciation and respect for the arts. Watchmaking being one of them,” says Olivier Bernheim, President and CEO of RAYMOND WEIL.

In the fall of 2011, the Swiss watchmaker will be releasing worldwide, two powerful visuals, depicting an enigmatic and mysterious woman and man in the majestic musical universe that is the Victoria Hall in Geneva.

For Greater China, Jiang Wen and Zhou Yun, RAYMOND WEIL Chinese Brand Ambassadors, will incarnate these enigmatic and mysterious woman and man on a backdrop of gold ornamental detail and crimson velvet curtains. They each face a cello in a reflective scene that exudes a musical feeling full of historical atmosphere, one that inspires dreams.
Mr. Jiang, a world-famous actor, director and playwright, earned his well-deserved reputation with In the Heat of the Sun, a film he both adapted and directed. In 2011, for Let the Bullets Fly, he was honoured as ‘Best Actor in Mainland’, ‘Best Director’ and ‘Best Film’ in the Global Chinese Top List and 15th Asian Influential Ceremony.
Ms. Zhou won the honour of ‘Best Actress in Mainland’ in the Global Chinese Top List and 15th Asian Influential Ceremony with her extraordinary performance in Let the Bullet Fly. In Golden Wedding, her impressive performance won her ‘Best Actress’ in the 1st Asia Rainbow Awards.

In 2012, other productions will complete the saga of this surprising and melodious campaign to the great pleasure of the lovers of timekeepers and musical tempo.

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