Freelancer Lady Sunshine

A sparkling note has appeared to brighten RAYMOND WEIL’s 2012 musical score: the freelancer Lady Sunshine, a watch, which is both ultra-feminine, urbane and highly chic! This brand new addition to the freelancer collection demonstrates once again that mechanical prestige goes together perfectly with total femininity.

Freelancer is much more than a simple name. This collection reflects the independence of spirit of a brand that never ceases to evolve, while remaining faithful to its values. This name also evokes the freedom of the artist in front of a blank canvass, a rough block of granite or an empty musical score. Like the painter, the sculptor or the composer, it is with just as much passion, creativity and precision that the Swiss watchmaker has assembled the components of its latest feminine creation, the freelancer Lady Sunshine.

A real burst of light….. the freelancer Lady Sunshine’s name is totally appropriate: at its centre, a sunray guilloché decoration sets off the white mother-of-pearl: at the outer edges of the dial, the pink gold indexes capped with sparkling diamonds, like gleaming sunbeams: the hour, minute and seconds hands and the flange revealing the balance and its inner rubies all pick up the pinky color of the setting sun; and finally, the diamonds set delicately in the bezel radiate their brilliance a thousand times. They are the crowning glory of the 29mm case that houses the watch’s automatic mechanical heart. The movement beats with 28,800 vibrations per hour and is clearly visible through the dial opening between 12 and 2 o’clock, as well as through the case back’s sapphire crystal. The watchmaker’s precision handcraft and attention to detail are also expressed in the beautiful effect of the steel bracelet’s alternating polished and satined surfaces.

The attention devoted to the slightest detail and above all to the dial adorned in pink gold is not limited only to the freelancer Lady Sunshine. This year, the entire freelancer collection is looking at life through rose-tinted glasses, and Lady Sunshine will find her partner in a 42mm gent’s version, just as sophisticated and urbane.

Freelancer Lady Sunshine, a little masterpiece full of glamour.

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